Dr. Jassim Haji

Prof. Mukhtar Al Hashimi

Mukhtar Al-Hashimi, Professor, is the Vice President for Academic Affairs at Ahlia University, Bahrain since 2018. As a highly motivated professional academic, he holds four university degrees from well-reputed USA universities, starting from Undergraduate, two master’s degrees, and a Ph.D. from the University of Utah in 1992. His experiences are a blend of academic and managerial, administrative activities from his work as an academic and practitioner within government and private organizations.

In addition, he is the author of many books including “Research Methods: The Framework for Conducting Research”, “Let’s Dream” and “Let’s talk Business” and has more than 60 publications. Prof. Mukhtar has been awarded several times for his research activities. His teaching expertise covers various disciplines: 1) Information Technology, 2) Computer Science and 3) Business and Management 4) Healthcare Management and 5) Medical Informatics courses for both undergraduate and MBA graduate levels. In addition to teaching, he has held many administrative positions ranging from Head of Department, Director, to Academic Dean as well as Advisor.

Prof. Mukhtar’s career outside academia started in 1993 when he was invited by (Dr.) Sheikh. Mohammed Bin Abdullah Al-Khalifa (currently Ministry of Defence Affairs) in the capacity of medical informatics adviser for more than 15 years to improve the BDF hospital business process through Computerization of the BDF Hospital, “The Royal Medical Services in Bahrain” to become a prototype working model to be followed in the region. Since 1993 the organization has moved from limited use of computerization to highly computerized organization using the in-house developed AL-Care System currently the system is functioning within two major hospitals in Bahrain. This experience has gained local and international recognition mainly for its utilization of information technology to improve organizational strategy.

Moreover, in terms of academics, Prof. Mukhtar has taught a diverse range of courses including business-related courses such as total quality management, strategic business management, leadership, project management and research methodology. In addition to courses in the Information Technology and computing disciplines including Computer Science programming, management information systems, survey of IT applications in business and e-business through more than 25 years academic experience. He has also supervised many Ph.D., and over 200 MSc students throughout his career, many of whom gained awards for their research.