Dr. Jassim Haji

Prof Qasim Zureigat

Prof. Zureigat is a senior scholar and professional practitioner with diverse expertise in accounting, auditing, governance, ownership structure, social responsibility, and strategic planning. He currently holds the position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Naqi Water Company, a Saudi Listed Company, where he leads the financial affairs.
Prior to his current role, Prof. Zureigat has held various senior leadership positions in both academic and business fields. He has been the founding faculty for two business schools in Saudi Arabia and has served as a lead consultant for strategic planning and accreditation at Qassim University and Sulaiman AlRajhi Business School. Additionally, he has provided consultancy services for developing programs and governance structures in multiple business colleges and companies in Saudi Arabia and the region.
Prof. Zureigat has rich academic leadership experience, having taught at several universities and served on the Editorial Boards of international peer-reviewed journals. He has also organized and presented workshops and seminars on accreditation, quality assurance, strategic planning, and leadership. With a research focus on auditing, audit quality, corporate governance, and corporate social responsibility, Prof. Zureigat has made significant contributions to the field.